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2022-03-22 17:18:34

The WKS Śląsk Wrocław Foundation was established at the end of 2020 directly at the WKS Śląsk Wrocław football club, and since then has been implementing projects aimed at strengthening healthy leisure habits among children and young people, as well as encouraging physical activity. One such project is the "Girls' Football 2021 - WKS Śląsk Wrocław" project, which aims primarily at enabling girls from Lower Silesia to undertake regular physical activity. The goals of the foundation also include the Piłka Nocna 2021 (Midnight Soccer) project implemented in cooperation with the City of Wroclaw, in which the youngest residents of Wroclaw enjoy systematic sports activities, spend time with their peers and strengthen their habits of spending free time in an active manner. Additionally, both projects included workshops on counteracting addictions and strengthening social competences.  

An additional, equally important motivation for action is the growing challenge of activating the young generation and fighting obesity among children and youth. Particularly in times when children and young people spend most of their days in front of the computer, whether learning during remote lessons or chatting with their peers, it seems very important to encourage them to become physically active. It is for this reason that the founders of the foundation are motivated by the idea of creating space and conditions for additional physical activity in the form of systematic classes promoting sports among children and young people. An important aspect is the desire to strengthen and shape in children the habit of active leisure time spending, as well as dissemination of the idea of education through sport (without emphasizing the element of competition).

As a priority in the first period of the foundation's operation, its activities are to focus on equalizing opportunities for girls and boys in sports: access to appropriate sports facilities or participation in trainings conducted by qualified staff. The Foundation's goal is to organize general development activities while promoting girls' soccer so that as many girls as possible have the opportunity to get acquainted with this sport. An important element is a balanced development of children, thus creating a comprehensive offer for everyone, regardless of their material status. The classes are to contain elements of various sports disciplines, so that each of the participants has a better chance to try her hand at many different sports. The leading discipline will be soccer, which is becoming increasingly popular among girls, and what is more, it is a universal discipline to the extent that it does not require specialized equipment and infrastructure for its training. A very important element is to emphasize the universal values of sport, not only focusing on its professional, results-oriented version. An important element for the applicant is to emphasize the benefits of education through play. The foundation aims to create a space where girls will have the freedom to engage in physical activity. According to the research Changing the game for girls, which was prepared by the UK-based Women's Sport and Fitness Foundation, one of the biggest barriers that keeps girls from participating in sports is the fact that sports spaces are dominated by boys. The foundation wants to increase the opportunity for girls to freely access sports facilities and spaces. The foundation's goal is to focus on building self-confidence in girls, encouraging creative, out-of-the-box thinking (aided by physical movement) or improving communication - expressing one's own opinion, one's own needs or communicating in a group. Soccer is a universal carrier of such contents as fair play rules, boosting self-confidence, learning group work and teamwork, that is why we want the girls to have more opportunities than they have now to reap the benefits of soccer training (positive influence on health, development of skills to cope with adversities and their own weaknesses, sense of self-confidence).

Additionally, the foundation has started cooperation with sports entities thanks to which planned projects will be implemented on a high level. The founder of the foundation is the Wrocław Sports Club Śląsk Wrocław S.A., within the structures of which the Academy runs training for children and young people. The Academy has become the first partner of the activities conducted by the foundation, thanks to which children affected by the foundation's activities will also be able to benefit from the programmes offered by the Academy. The Lower Silesian Football Association has also become a partner of the foundation, thanks to this cooperation the foundation will be able to implement a systemic, long-term project concerning the development of girls' soccer.  

The Foundation aims to continue good practices connected with previously conducted projects, as well as to strengthen their ideas by using the Foundation's resources. WKS Śląsk Wrocław Foundation implements projects aimed at strengthening healthy leisure habits among children and youth, as well as encouraging physical activity. The objectives of the Foundation also include the implementation of the Football Project, thanks to which the youngest inhabitants of the entire region will be able to take advantage of regular sports activities, spend time with their peers and strengthen their habits of spending their free time in an active way.  

It is worth mentioning that already in the first year of its activity, the Foundation has implemented the project in four cities in Poland, thanks to which over 400 children could take part in the classes. The Foundation's offer is complemented by the organization of trainings and workshops on soft skills for coaches, referees, leaders and instructors specializing in the organization of trainings and tournaments for children and youth. The implemented social programmes, including soccer classes for girls and boys, also from low economic status background, are well evaluated, which confirms professionalism of the activities carried out by Śląsk Wrocław Foundation.

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